Customized Solutions

Above & Beyond

Below are a few examples of how WhiteHall Products goes above and beyond to partner with our customers by providing customized solutions instead of just giving a price on a product that might not be the best solution for their bottom line.

Cost & Waste Reduction

When one of the world’s leading food service retailers needed can liners, we discovered that the best custom solution was for us to design a high-density, cube-pack product which allowed the client to:

  • reduce waste product going to the landfill
  • lower the loss/shrinkage of product
  • enjoy convenience of storage while saving 20 percent

We’ve been providing them with can liner and other single-use custom solutions for more than 20 years.

The Lid Nightmare

One of our manufacturers complained about a problem they were having with their storage containers. They needed two sizes of containers, which required two sizes of lids, and they were constantly losing or running short or misplacing the lids. Lid management was a nightmare. The customized solution: we developed a line of different sized storage containers that all used the same size lid.

Custom Green Solution

Another one of our larger quick service restaurant customers requested can liners that were made from products that had been collected at municipal recycling sites. Not only were we able to provide them with a high-quality can liner made from recycled milk and shampoo bottles, we were also able to do it at no additional cost to their previous can liner program.

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