Janitorial Supplies

Closeup photo of gloved hands washing a cooking pot.

WhiteHall Products offers a full line of cleaning and janitorial supplies including, chemicals, soaps and gloves. WhiteHall will become what we call "Jan-San Supply In A Box". We will have your private label, business-building products in one spot so you can set yourself apart from your competition.

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Product Line Details


  • CleanPak Products supplies many of our chemical products. Check CleanPak Products products for additional details.
  • Standard Chemicals: High quality and cost-effective chemicals with private labeling available in small or reduced case quantities.
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals
  • Super-concentrate chemical program with simple and effective dispensing systems approved by GSA and used by several upscale hotel chains.


WhiteHall Products offers a wide variety of plastic and latex gloves that are suitable for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, prisons and other organizations
where a clean environment is essential.

Other Janitorial Supplies Available:

  • Health and Hygiene Wear (Hairnets, Aprons, Face Masks)
  • Mops and Brooms


WhiteHall Products has what you need for soap. Whether you’re looking for bar soap or liquid soap, fragrant or anti-bacterial, WhiteHall Products has what you’re looking for.