Product Lines

Wide Selection

WhiteHall Products offers variety of cleaning, maintenance and facility supplies. We offer a wide selection of products suitable for schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, prisons and other organizations. Our customers can purchase what they need at a fair price, with one contract person and one invoice every month which makes their job a little easier.

Take a look below at our facility supplies and see what can help your business with:

Can Liners

Photo of large garbage can with green liner.

WhiteHall Products specializes in Can Liners. This is our bread and butter. We were one of the first companies to market compostable can liners and continue to lead the market with out of the box (but often copied) thinking. WhiteHall also builds your brand by putting your name on the liners, even a 4 color process label that really makes your company shine.

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Janitorial Supplies

Closeup photo of gloved hands washing a cooking pot.

WhiteHall Products offers a full line of cleaning and janitorial supplies including, chemicals, soaps and gloves. WhiteHall will become what we call "Jan-San Supply In A Box". We will have your private label, business-building products in one spot so you can set yourself apart from your competition.

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Paper Products

Cleaning person replacing toilet paper roll.

WhiteHall Products offers a wide variety of janitorial paper products to fit your company’s paper needs. This product line is building and changing as you read this. It is our goal to become a reliable supplier of consistent product on which you and your customers can depend.

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Plastic Cutlery & Molded Plastic Products

Photo of food in plastic containers.

WhiteHall Products offers a variety of plastic cutlery and molded plastic products. Presently we offer cutlery, straws and foam cups, but this is a growing line for WhiteHall as well. Many of these products are imported, and corporate consolidation in these industries calls you to take a closer look at WhiteHall for innovation and cost control, not just taking what is offered.

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Specialty Bags

Photo of biohazard bag.

WhiteHall Products offers a variety of Specialty Bags, Custom Plastic Bags and Liners, such as Food Storage Bags, Hospital Bags, Retail Bags, T-Shirt Grocery Sacks, Pet Waste Bags, Draw String Liners and Draw Tape Liners.

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Specialty Packaging

Image of multiple rolls of multi colored packaging film.

WhiteHall Products offers a wide variety of Specialty Packaging to contain your most unique, hard-to-package products. Here is another spot where WhiteHall shines. We make the difficult easy and the impossible, possible. Just bring to us your current product, show us where it needs to improve, engage in an open conversation and together we will partner to find solutions.

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