WhiteHall History

The Early Years

WhiteHall Products began operations as a marketer, designer and distributor of plastic packaging products in 1992. But the company actually had its beginning 13 years before when our current CEO, Joe Justin, was brought onboard to head up our predecessor company, Hallmark Packaging, a manufacturer of products for the same industry we are in today. When the owners of that company decided they didn’t want to invest in the new equipment needed for it to remain competitive, Mr. Justin saw an opportunity.

A Challenging Opportunity

Mr. Justin decided that he would take over the company, but change its focus from manufacturing to distributing. The new company, which he renamed WhiteHall (“white” chosen to project a clean, new image, with “hall” retained as a tie to their old company), hit the ground running with an established customer base, excellent product line expansion, experienced team of industry experts and plans to expand in other product lines.

Today, Tomorrow & Beyond, Your Partner in Single-Use Solutions

This beginning is one of the main reasons why WhiteHall Products has been able to maintain a consistent rate of growth and expand our product line and services even during tough economic times. It is also one of the things that sets us apart from other distributors in our industry. Because we began in manufacturing, our people have the technical knowledge about the manufacturing process to match the right raw materials with the right products and come up with the best solution to satisfy our customers’ needs whatever they are. Today we also provide a complete line of paper products, janitorial supplies and global sourcing to a diverse range of more than 500 clients including the U.S. government, quick service restaurants, distributors and manufacturers.