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Unparalleled Expertise

We are an industry lead supplier of can liners and bag needs.


We also  have a bag full of other production options. 


WhiteHall Products offers variety of cleaning, maintenance and facility supplies. 

customized Solutions

Our team has the technical knowledge  to match the right raw materials with the right products and come up with the best solution to help achieve customer goals. 


We partner with you to offer our consultative apporach and provide solution-oriented help. 

The WhiteHall Difference

Solid experience

Today we also provide a complete line of paper products, janitorial supplies and global sourcing to a diverse range of more than 500 clients including the U.S. government, quick service restaurants, distributors and manufacturers.

We appreciate that reducing the impact on our environment is as important to our customers as it is to us so are diligent in finding or developing green solutions.

Focused Growth

Our team works as consultative partners and strives to be as responsive as possible every step of the way. We offer ideas beyond the best products, including options for private labels/branding, customizing sizing, or launching into untouched markets with new products.

Our shared goal is focused growth.

Professional team

As industry leaders we hole ourselves, and those we work with, in high regard.

The team will help identify cutting-edge products to solve any single-use need.

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Our experts will help you determine the best products to meet your needs at the most effective cost possible.